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Relationship Preparation Program

Many couples in crisis wish that they had received quality relationship preparation or pre-marital counselling. Accordingly, I offer a thorough, interesting and enjoyable non-denominational relationship preparation counselling service which involves my own comprehensive questionnaire that couples may complete as preparation for the three relationship preparation counselling sessions. The questionnaire covers topics such as:

  • Each person's individual relationship history,

  • beliefs around the meaning and purpose of marriage,

  • understanding of individual differences,

  • issues of power and fairness,

  • aspects of intimacy,

  • communication and conflict management,

  • trust and fidelity,

  • children and parenting,

  • relating to friends and family,

  • finances,

  • work-life balance,

  • life plans and goals.

The program consists of three sessions with the option of ongoing counselling.

The total cost of the three sessions including the questionnaire is $585.

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