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Relationship Counselling

While working with couples or groups, I place particular importance on attempting to balance the interests of each individual with those of the couple or group as a whole. Importantly, I do not necessarily see it as my goal to attempt to keep couples or groups together, but rather to facilitate a process whereby each individual is able to weigh up their own personal goals and needs with those of the relationship and ultimately determine their own level of investment in the relationship.

There are a range of reasons why people seek relationship counselling. After asking questions and determining each person's goals, I might encourage exploration of issues such as: each person's reasons for being in the relationship; perceptions of power, control, fairness and status; various aspects of intimacy; perceptions of the balance between closeness and independence; the impact of cultural and extended family influences; and conflict and communication skills.

Relationship counselling can be for individuals, couples, friends, family members, and for people with any gender identity or sexual orientation. 

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